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Toronto are you ready?

Toronto are you ready?

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Naughty Boy defends #FreePalestine tweet with Zayn Mailk


Producer Naughty Boy admits he and One Direction’s Zayn Malik sent tweets with the hashtag #FreePalestine, not because they are Muslim but because they are “humanitarian”.

Zayn Malik was criticised about his decision to send the tweet last Sunday to his 13 million followers.

But despite comments from fans and the media the singer did not delete it.

Naughty Boy, who’s 29, said artists had a “responsibility” to speak out on Twitter.

The producer, whose real name is Shahid Khan, has been working with One Direction on new track One Chance to Dance and happened to be in the studio with Zayn Malik.

"We did a simultaneous tweet," he told the Asian Network. "We were together a couple of nights ago watching the news and saying how terrible [the conflict between Israel and Hamas] is and we live in a world where all this happens."

Naughty Boy’s track with Sam Smith, La La La, got to number one in the Official Singles Chart and has had more than 350 million views on YouTube.

It was also nominated for a Brit Award and won best song and best video at the Mobo Award’s 18th Anniversary.

The musician from Watford has also worked with Britney Spears, Lily Allen, Emeli Sande and Katy Perry.

"It’s not about being Muslim it’s about being a humanitarian," he said. "If you look at the reaction it has had 250,000 re-tweets and about 90% of those comments are positive."

The producer became friends with Malik after meeting at the Brit Awards.

He says they have a lot in common, like “being Muslim and being from a Pakistani working-class background”.

He said: "We are educated on the subject and the history of Palestine; so we have a responsibility as we are creating an awareness about highlighting children dying. Zayn’s biggest fan base is teenage girls so it’s good to highlight."

His tweet prompted a response from upset One Direction fans in Israel using the hashtag #ZaynYouHaveFansinIsrael.

Naughty Boy denied he was taking sides in the conflict.

He said: "It’s just more about being a human being. If I saw that going on in Israel, the amount of women and children being killed, that is just too shocking."

BBC Newsbeat

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Zayn smile during the time

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That whole world is crazy. But that Harry Styles guy, he’s really sweet, he’s a really nice guy.
Matty Healy, Urban Outfitters Interview (via sstyls)
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